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Stuck at home. Rearranging our furniture started it all. Who needs a 6-seater during these times? 
Suddenly, my chair was upright, roomy and the kitchen table was a work station.
And it’s as if my coffee mug was telling me,
“OK OK OK OK. Get going already.”

MONDIALISTE is about how I see the modern world regarding everything from established global lifestyle brands to interesting local entrepreneurial efforts, including what they are doing (or what I think they should be doing) and how this impacts my own life and day-to-day endeavors at home. 


So, from now, I will write about: the things I like, the people I am celebrating and other ideas I hope to brainstorm with you. We may even write a few open letters to famous people as a result.

I started working on this website on April 20, 2020, during the C-19 pandemic because I finally had the time to do what I have always been meaning to do, create a website for myself. 

Before I immigrated to California from Manila in 2014, I had a long and storied career in broadcasting, publishing, PR and brand development in Asia. Yet, I always managed the design and execution of campaigns and programs through specialists and professionals. Now, I‘ve come to appreciate their talents more than ever as I did not perform any of the underlying technical skills myself. 

Thus, moving to the US for love, proved a challenge as I had to start again in my forties. 

Much like my career, I don’t want to restrict myself to one category of blog i.e., like what I’m wearing (though I love those blogs), what I’m cooking (need to eat) or where I’m going (nowhere any time soon, unfortunately).

So, Mondialiste will take a broader approach to brands and look at the people, places and things involved in the creation and development of products around the world to include how I use these things at home. 

I’m not trying to impress anyone. I’m just hoping to find a few people who share some of my interests.

I’d love to hear from you soon.     


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