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Anyone who knows us, knows we love our movies, series and specials.
We are massive consumers of all media. We watch cable, streaming and (usually) we’d go to the cinema once or twice a week and every major holiday.
We go to the cinema even while traveling. It made it even more fun to watch Inglorious Bastards in Berlin and The Gentlemen in London. It’s the ambiance in and out of the theatre that puts us in an immersive mood; into a world unlike our own.
Here are our watchlists for viewing at home. These are updated often.

You can sort the list by rating, release date, etc. when you get to the page.

Unfortunately, IMDB won’t let us rate more accurately only by whole numbers 1-10. Me along with a lot of people would like to be able to rate a show 8.6. It is difficult to have to choose between giving just an 8 or a 9. There have been a lot of requests.

Watch crime dramas mostly. They make me feel that no matter how dark the world is, things tend to become right in the end. They always catch the bad guy. The truth always comes out. You will find some periods dramas and some comedies but murder mysteries and detective procedurals are my favorite.

I also tend to have boring normal dreams when I watch these shows. While when I don’t, I have strange mystery sci-fi dreams. Is this the case with anyone else in the world?

The photo above is of our beloved Samsung 65 inch Q80R tv that we got at a deep discount (gasp 70% off!) by joining  THE INSIDERS HERE.

It is simply the best TV that we have ever owned. Sleek and stylish and packed with features. In the future I will ad links to YouTube for unboxing and reviews for new products. Joining The Insiders you get offers on interesting products at substantial discounted prices in exchange for writing and posting honest detailed reviews on social media and manufacturers’ websites. It’s exciting to do this as you are part of the community of other Insiders. We get each other all excited waiting for our new stuff, learn from one another and also have a way to dialogue with manufacturers openly about what we like and don’t like about their products.

For more videos on products, go to our  YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

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Thank you in advance.