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CitizenM Seattle

Our first experience at the CitizenM was eye-opening. CitizenM is an Amsterdam boutique hotel brand bringing innovative design and affordable luxury to the most exciting global cities.

Every nook and cranny had mused stylings, cool objects and eclectic furniture. The hotel deserves a coffee table book on its own.

The rooms come with a pod-like bed, custom build-in cabinetry, a shower and toilet that look like they could be in a space station. The rooms at the CitizenM are all the same size. And yet, rather than making one feel that they were not enough, after two nights, we came away feeling why can’t we make better use of our spaces in our own homes. The rooms had everything a single or couple would needs and were surprising comfortable. The iPad-like device could be used to control all your room settings including colorful mood lighting and blackout blinds.

We have stayed in some amazing properties in the world, but the podlike cocoon of the padded bed and noise-cancelling design gifted us with the best sleep we have ever had in a hotel.

We credit design-firm Gensler with this one of a kind high tech, high style, supreme Seattle experience. This is bound to be a first of many visits to CitizenM properties wherever and whenever they are available.

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